Collection: Moon Mother

Specially formulated for those who have experienced trauma that surfaces in the dream space, or anyone who needs extra protection and guidance from the Moon. 

A great ally to use when working with the lunar cycles or to get more acquainted with your feelings- Moon Mother is here to help hold your hand in the darkness.  This does not mean you won’t encounter any danger- but it does mean you aren’t alone.  

An excellent addition to any Divination practice, but works to assist in daily life tasks just as well.  Just got a “we need to talk” text? Time to stand up for yourself and ask for that raise? 

Moon Mother is here for you  

Herbal blend of: Mugwort*, Motherwort*, Marshmallow, Wormwood, Poppy, Passionflower, Peppermint, Linden, Damiana, Blue Lotus, Lavender, and Rose

Resin Blend of: Oppoponox, Black Frankincense, Suhuul Myrrh

Fragrance Blend of: Vanilla Absolute, Blue Tansy, Oppoponox

Moon Mother

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