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Oil Pens

Oil Pens

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Oil pens are one of FMV's most popular products! (and for good reason)


Herbal-infused oils are the most familiar magical materia to most.  Crafted with the alcohol intermediary method, these oils are crafted by infusing unique herbal blends into an oil base, along with hand-selected tree resins.  Once strained, an essential oil fragrance blend curated to uplift the energetics is added. 

Each oil pen contains 3ml of the potent herbal oil infusions you'll find in Balm Wands- But with the added bonus of a precise, portable, and easy-to-apply brush tip. 

Use to feed sigils or use as offerings to deity statues, anoint crystals or boost threshold wards.  Makes an excellent esoteric addition to any manicure as a nail oil!

Grab one or a set of 3 to try out each line

GTFO is crafted to deep clean cursed or infested spaces, objects, or people.

Truly, when nothing else works, sometimes the best thing to do is stop being polite and start getting real.  Great for those who interact with strangers daily or handle objects/money constantly that pass several hands, or Diviners to clear themselves after a difficult client. 

Use: for workings of banishing, hex reversal, protection, and blocking of unwanted energy.  Feed protection sigils, statues or apply to nails for a powerful stopping effect of any bad vibes.

Error: 404- Coupled with mindful tech usage, good electric hygiene, and mindfulness, Error:404 can help break you out of the hypnotic tech loop long enough to recalibrate in the real world.  

Apply to self during Mercury Retrogrades to mitigate the effects of tech dysfunction.  Makes an excellent nail oil for those typing constantly!

Use: for invisibility online, to protect yourself from tech addiction, to become unreachable in the ether. 

Moon Mother: Specially formulated for those who have experienced trauma that surfaces in the dream space, or anyone who needs extra protection and guidance from the Moon.  An excellent addition to any Divination practice!  

A great ally to use when working with the lunar cycles or to get more acquainted with your feelings- Moon Mother is here to help hold your hand in the darkness.  This does not mean you will not encounter any danger- but it does mean you are not alone. 

Use: Apply to nails before tarot readings or divinatory practices for an added boost of connection between self and the divine.  Feed sigils or use as offerings to deity statues, anoint crystals or care for threshold wards.

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