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Moon Mother- Balm Wands

Moon Mother- Balm Wands

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The Moon’s realm is darkness, the upside down, the spaces which can never be illuminated or directly encountered.  The delicious pitch black of nothingness. While this type of life is foreign to us, the Moon knows it well. A steady and comforting hand on your shoulder, Moon Mother will lend you grace and comfort in navigating the unknown.  

A great ally to use when working with the lunar cycles or to get more acquainted with your feelings- Moon Mother is here to help hold your hand in the darkness.  This does not mean you will not encounter any danger- but it does mean you are not alone.  

An excellent addition to any Divination, Meditation, or Dreamspace practice.

The element of Earth grounds the experience of using Balms, making these great for daily, repeated use toward building new habits/goals or sealing intention.

As a Candle Dressing: for Lunar cycle work, ancestral connections, dream workings 

*Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a physician if using any medications that may interact with this blend.  Discontinue use if any allergic reactions occur.  See Moon Mother Page for full ingredient list before purchase
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