What is FMV?

FancyMonsterVision is a project born from the image maker and Astrologer Echo. 
We exist in a time of great paradox, and balancing several extremes at once can bring out dark parts of ourselves.  The hurt, reactive, angry, spiteful, "weak," vulnerable parts of us that we've been conditioned to hate become our inner demons.  Fancy Monster Vision invites you to embrace the process of integrating these aspects of self with the most joy and excitement you can muster.  Dance with your inner demons, and they'll step out of the shadows to reveal their true form: a set of experiences and misunderstandings from the world to you and back again.  As we dance with our own "weaknesses," we can begin to embody them and reintegrate them.  When we become familiar enough with them to utilize them skillfully, we transform them into assets.  This is the Alchemical process of Chiron, and what I aim to assist everyone with during the modern era.    

And in the modern era, we have modern challenges (that require modern solutions meme), and FMV seeks to embrace these new issues we face and consider them when formulating products.  The goal is to be safe, accessible, and effective both as magical materia and aromatic/herbalism products.  

How do you craft these formulas?

As an Astrologer, I saw times ahead that were fast approaching and wanted more than a 'I told you so' to offer when they arrived.  So I began to co create with the Plant Spirits toward specific thematic goals to craft the 3 flagship lines: Moon Mother, GTFO, and Error: 404.  With more lines coming as I perfected them to my liking. 

Once I have been given a thematic element to work with and specific Plant Spirits "volunteer," I begin to work with their vibrations on an energetic level first.  Much like weaving a pattern or conducting a symphony, these energies are formulated to a specific energetic goal.  


But fear not my friends! This is not simply a "Vibes" formulation.  When I have the energetic ratios of the ingredients tuned correctly, I then spend countless hours to make sure the formulation is safe on a chemical level.   Typically I stick to working with Plant Spirits that have few or no known contraindications.  I also formulate to make sure the herbal blends I begin with are ratioed at safe levels to one another, and the overall product %

Now, I cannot speak for every instance of every application of FMV products, so I make sure to have no secrets in my formulations!  Every ingredient is listed on the packaging whenever possible, as well as on the product page itself, and finally outlined on the info sheet you receive with your order.  This is to make sure anyone with allergies, sensitivities, or taking specific medications can easily access what is included in the products they're interested in purchasing.  I do my best to provide any allergen warnings or known herbal concerns for specific instances on my site.  For example, Moon Mother has a formula including Mugwort and Motherwort, two ingredients that can effect those who mensturate, get pregnant, or breastfeed.  

More Specifically...

For herbal infused oils, I use a 1:5 ratio with the alcohol assisted maceration technique, which forms a base of approximately 1/3rd of the overall liquid formula (depending on the product line).  For tree resins- a ratio of 1:3 is typically used.  

This ensures the most potent extraction from the Plant material while reducing waste, and causing maximum efficacy through both the energetic and physiological components of the formulas.  

These oil blends are then formulated for an overall base blend for the line, which then can be used in solid Balm Wands, Body Butters, Salt Scrubs, Joint Pots etc.  

For the fragrance, a <20% Essential Oil blend is used within the oil portion of any solid formulation in addition to the waxes and butters.  

For Hydrofloras, I utilize an alcohol extraction of the herbal blend, along with individual extractions of several key aromatic ingredients of the blend.  This, paired with a <7% Essential Oil blend (also including, frequently, key herbal ingredients in the blend) is added to a 97% Ethanol base, blended with consecrated Rose Water.  

I test these blends extensively for both safety and effectiveness, often reformulating until these are perfected in my view.  

What are FMV products for?

I have been studying Astrology since 2016, and Herbalism since 2019.  Initially, I started creating herbal formulations to relieve the physical ailments of working in the film industry.  (Hello Saturn's corner inception!)  I dug deeper into both the esoteric and medicinal qualities of plants and found their dual purposes fascinating and effective.  

Magical work has physical effects, and often those are a barrier to entry for those who want to walk a more spiritual/esoteric path.  This is why FMV products don't do just one thing- they have aromatic (and sometimes medicinal) applications that break through the physical barrier to support their etheric impact.  

This is how FMV products, regardless of which we decide to work with, can be effective as a 'set it and forget it' style spell upon application- no ritual or magical knowledge required.  The more you have, the more you can apply that knowledge for your specific path to foster your specific goals.  

How can I use FMV?

There's so many ways to use these products!

Besides the general mundane applications associated with them (Body Butters, Salt Scrubs, Incenses, 

Balm Wands can be used to dress candles for spellwork, applied to the self, or used as an invisible marker for sigils, petitions, etc.  They don't spill or melt in your pocket, so they're great for travel altars and on the go applications.  

Hydrofloras can be used as a self refreshing spray, a cologne splash for an aromatic application to self or as a room/object spray.  Add to baths or floor washes for additional effects, or use as offerings in magical work.