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Moon Mother- Hydrofloras

Moon Mother- Hydrofloras

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Specially formulated for those who have experienced trauma that surfaces in the dream space, or anyone who needs extra protection and guidance from the Moon. 

A great ally to use when working with the lunar cycles or to get more acquainted with your feelings- Moon Mother is here to help hold your hand in the darkness.  This does not mean you won’t encounter any danger- but it does mean you aren’t alone.  

An excellent addition to any Divination practice, but works to assist in daily life tasks just as well.  Just got a “we need to talk” text? Time to stand up for yourself and ask for that raise? 

This hydroflora is excellent to get into the headspace for divination, dreamwork, artistic inspiration.  An effective offering to deity or ancestral altars

Perfect to use during Lunar cycles as an addition to a spiritual bath, or to get into the emotional place to express yourself from the heart.  

*Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a physician if using any medications that may interact with this blend.  Discontinue use if any allergic reactions occur 



**please note that all full size Hydrofloras are required to ship via Ground transport

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