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Salt Pots

Salt Pots

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I’m very excited to share resin infused salts with y’all!

Sustainability is so important to me. And if you’re working with plant spirits there’s no better way to honor them than to minimize waste whenever possible.

Processing tree resins is a big job with many steps, and while it’s rewarding work- sticky resins make a mess of everything they touch! Fine powder covers my processing tools, and to clean them I use a combo of 99% proof alcohol and consecrated salt.

The alcohol dissolves the resin, and the salt scoops it up to party on elsewhere. Me being me, I wondered- what would happen if I left the remaining salt/resin/alcohol combo to dry? The alcohol would evaporate- and I’d still be left with the beautiful tree resin I’d worked so hard to process, but it’ll be fused onto the salt crystals.

After just my first attempt, I realized something very special was created by this method. It’s simple, sure. But what’s more Mars in Virgo than making a cleaning product even better at cleaning by cleaning with it?

You can add this to your epsom salt baths, you threshold wards, cleansing divination tools (especially sticky tarot cards!!). Really they’re great for anything magical salt can be used. These baddies have an extra special component and personality to them.

My personal favorite is using them as salt bases for incense cones. Doubly useful if you mix the incense ash with the salt to make the famous Black Salt. Wooo spooky hotties are sustainable as fuck

Please just don’t eat this, my Disco Demon

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