Collection: Error: 404

Dissociating through screens? Doomscrolling again?  Has someone told you to go touch grass recently?

Error:404 is here to help make your energy a dead link, inaccessible to those who want to keep your attention for a bit too long.  We’ve all found ourselves in petty arguments online over nothing, or opening an app immediately after closing it.  There are modern patterns to contend with, and those require modern magical materia.  

Coupled with mindful tech usage and good electric hygiene- and mindfulness, Error:404 can help break you out of the hypnotic tech loop long enough to recalibrate in the real world

Herb and Resin Blend of: 

Dandelion Root, Lemongrass, Wood Betony,  Lavender, Yarrow, Passionflower, Rose, Calendula, Frankincense Seratta

Fragrance Blend of: 

Lemongrass, Rose, Calendula, Pink Pepper, Camphor, Blue Tansy

Error: 404

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