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Dragons Blood Ink *limited quantity*

Dragons Blood Ink *limited quantity*

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This limited edition ink is packed with the most incredible Dragons Blood resin I’ve ever found.  If I hadn’t ground it myself, I wouldn’t believe the quality of this color depth.  After speaking with the plant spirit directly and testing the magical efficacy myself, I am proud to say this incredible item is available just in time for spooky season!

There are several different species of Dragon’s Blood (Dracaena) trees throughout the Arabian incense belt and Indonesia, with some species giving more deep red-brown resin than others.   

If you see a Dragons Blood tree cut, you’ll notice the sap is deeply bloodred, and when punctured it appears to be bleeding- these are the trees of Socatra.  Others, which are a type of palm, have a resin layer surrounding their fruit. These trees grow in Indonesia have ferocious spikes preventing one from getting too close.  This lends itself to powerful Martian energy. 

Due to the sap color and spirit of these trees, Dragons Blood is typically used to boost the oomph of spellwork, protect, and cleanse the self or others.  It also is frequently used for love, power, and abundance workings.  Red is an extremely difficult color to extract from natural materials.  It also fades quite easily when exposed to the elements, so you’ll want to store this in a cool, dark place until you’re ready to use it.

The fragrance of Dragon’s Blood is unlike anything else you’ll smell. Most have never smelled a non-synthetic version of this resin.  It’s nearly impossible to copy, although many have tried.  The Essential Oil content of Dragon’s Blood Resin is next to zero, the fragrance only to be released once burned.  This is why you’ll be hard-pressed to find any Essential Oil of Dragon’s Blood on the market.  If you do find some, be extremely wary. There is no scent as a resin alone, and any form of processing does not allow for the fragrance to be released.  To fix this issue at the request of the plant spirit itself, I’ve added the slightest natural fragrance to this blend.  The richness of this resin will be available in incense form soon, but until then, this is next to nothing I’ve ever seen on the market.   

This Ink is something quite special, and I’m more than happy to include it in my shop for as long as it will last.  It works as an alcohol ink for painting or for calligraphy. Add it to your watercolor brushes and enjoy the ease of use. Be careful, this will stain!  

So don’t get caught red handed… unless you’re into that 

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