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Step By Step- Incense Cones

Step By Step- Incense Cones

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The fragrance of deeply rooted power from within.  In order to embody our true power, we have to accept ourselves as we are.  This includes the uncomfortable, embarrassing, clumsy, and even ill-intentioned aspects of ourselves.  The power held within radical self-acceptance is boundless. 

So often we're terrified to make missteps on our path.  Not only because failure is seen as unforgivably shameful, but we're spread so thin that we may not have energy to spare on recovery.  Every move we make feels as if it has to be calculated and assured success before we even begin.  And yet, when inevitable mistakes occur, we‘re expected to bounce back instantly, and with grace.  It's exhausting!

This incense blend is the heart song from an old school track by the most uplifting vocalist in modern history- Whitney herself.  Step By Step.  An oft-forgotten bop that has more soul and sincerity than modernity allows.  Ikyky

This works as an incredible Road Opener to help you confidently take the next steps on your path, even if you can’t see it with clarity

Take a minute to breathe deeply, recalibrate, and know that you're exactly where you need to be right now.  No matter what mistakes you've made, or how many you've yet to make. 

A blend of spicey, soulful herbs including Clove, Juniper Wood, Chaga, Chamomile, Pink Rose, and Black Frankincense will uplift your spirit.  

Every cone is an encouraging hug and a mini celebration of you as you are.

Each cone burns for about 15 minutes, giving a smooth and pleasant fragrance to the atmosphere.  Every incense blend is crafted with intention and sustainably sourced, fair-trade materials.  

To use, light a cone tip with an active flame for a few seconds, allowing it to burn.  Gently blow out the flame and set on a fireproof surface.  A ceramic bowl filled with salt or sand is a great option for beginners. 

Do not leave burning unattended. 
Fire safety is SO hot right now.


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