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Lovable Uglies

Lovable Uglies

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Lovable Uglies- Pack of 6


Who says mistakes aren’t part of the process?


As a triple Virgo baybee let me tell you I have HIGH standards for my work.  Even when following my recipes to the letter, sometimes the result doesn’t live up to my own hype. Incense is my joy and passion, and these baddies are still full of the same energetic and herbal qualities my incense comes have.  They’re just… kinda fugly. Maybe the tips broke off at some point, or for some reason a batch doesn’t burn quite right, or the fragrance doesn’t slap hard enough for me. Whatever the case, these baddies are still full of quality ingredients, vibes and love. They deserve love too!  They just need a bit of TLC from you to fully enjoy them. Or maybe they’re fine and I’m just neurotic. Either way, it’s a win for you incense lovers!


Use: light incense cone tip and allow to burn for a few seconds. Extinguish the flame, making sure the tip is fully burning. Gently blowing on the embers allows it to light up and spread.  Place lit cone on a fire safe surface away from anything flammable. (Some folks use a pile of sand or salt on top of a ceramic dish) Don’t leave burning unattended, duh.


If the cone extinguishes midway through, take a pair of tongs or tweezers, hold the cone by the bottom and re-light, making sure the full top surface area is burning. Continue with fire safe usage.

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