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Saturn's Corner

Saturn's Corner

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Ah, Saturn- the most formidable Sky Zaddy is always taking his due. 

Our actions have consequences, and overworking our bodies often results in injury.  This balm is made with Saturnian herbs to ease the long-term pain of old injuries, aches, and joint issues.  Saturn rewards flexibility and this balm is aimed to assist in getting you back to the stretching and movement you’re used to without pushing past your own boundary this time. 

Like all FMV products, these are non-comedogenic, meaning they won't clog your pores.  Safe to use on your sore muscles from tension headaches and teeth grinding to lower back and foot pain.

Saturn's Blend comes in 2 forms: Joint Stick and Joint Pot

Joint Stick- The OG solution for hard-working bodies.  Saturn's Herbal blend is solidified with a higher % of Beeswax to keep a solid state, regardless of temperature fluctuations!  A push-up tube allows access hard to reach areas like the lower back and between the shoulder blades without getting product all over your hands

Joint Pot- *NEW* A Softer formula for those of us who need a little more flexibility in our lives. The same powerful Saturnian blend softened with shea butter melts with the warmth of your body and absorbs quickly where it's needed most.  This blend is sensitive to heat and will liquefy in higher temperatures, solidifying when returned to cooler temps.  

Herbal Blend of: Black Cohosh, Yarrow, Lemongrass, Plantain, Solomon’s Seal, Licorice Root, Rosemary, Elderflower. Resin Blend of: Black Frankincense Sacra, Frankincense Seratta, Royal Green Hojari, Benzoin, Myrrh  Infused into: Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Vit E Oil (1%) With: Menthol Crystals (1%) and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (1%) Solidified by: Beeswax (Joint Stick + Salve), Shea Butter (Salve Only) 

Directions: Apply as needed directly to aches, pains, etc.  External use only

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