About Echo

I am an Astrologer, Reality Adjuster, and Esoteric Herbalist. 

As a portrait and fine art photographer for 10 years, the magic I hold to change someone's self-perception is powerful.  Expanding that talent by working as a Set Decorator and Prop Master in the entertainment industry, I've learned how much an immersive reality relies on the atmosphere created by good craftsmanship.

As much as I love my artistic work, I spent those years still in search of something more potent than Movie Magic. 

Studying Astrology since 2016, and Esoteric Herbalism since 2019, I haven’t found a space that felt like home for the way I divine.  I blend modern thought and ethics with tried and true divination and esoteric techniques to hopefully push forward the conversation across several fields of study simultaneously.  I have the highest respect for Plant Spirits, and have committed to studying and researching the safety of each ingredient as well as the etheric qualities they bring to the work.  Along with studying under esoteric herbalists over the years, I have taken (and continue to take) official herbalism courses through intensives and full length educational programs within the Herbal Academy.   

I've found my magic hanging in the space between the stars, in the moments most feared or forgotten.  I have been developing these abilities my entire life.  Magic is elastic, and can be adjusted at any time.  Where can we find yours?