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Elastic Heart Body Butter

Elastic Heart Body Butter

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All the love and comfort from Elastic Heart, now in Body Butter form! 

Body butters are a new favorite to the FMV product lines.  Blending practical self care activities with esoteric effects is always going to give more bang for your buck.  Infused with the highest quality tree resins processed in house and infused into carrier oils, blended with Shea and Kokum butters with a small amount of essential oils for a light fragrance.  The end result provides a lightweight, fast absorbing formula that leaves skin smooth and hydrated while applying the herbal formulas for esoteric results.  

Any way you work with these, you'll find your skin will love you for it.

USE: Apply after shower or bath while skin is still damp.  Massage into skin and enjoy! External use only.


Ingredients: Shea and Kokum Butters; Elastic Heart Herbal blend extract infused into Jojoba oil, Frankincense Neglecta, Copal Negro, Copal Blanco extracts infused into Sunflower oil, Evening primrose oil, <2% essential oil blend fragrance. 

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