About FMV

FancyMonsterVision is for the decidedly unrefined,
Magic for the perpetually frazzled + overwhelmed,
Divination for those who sense a pattern, but can't quite keep up yet

Accessible esotericism


​A blend of modern technology and eternal wisdom, FMV exists in the liminal space inviting you to dance in the darkness.  

Fancy Monster Vision is for those who hear a bump in the night and say "fuck it, come at me, let's see what you got"

It is for those who see magical potential everywhere, but might not know where to start.

Ever the practical Virgo, much of my work has multi-level efficacy from the mundane to the magical.  As above, so below.  We cannot modernize magical thought by utilizing outdated language, after all

FancyMonsterVision is a reminder that above all else, magic can (and should) be fun!  

Joy is the ultimate act of resistance

Let's Dance