Weekly Vibe Check 11.20-26: Don't Fuck It Up

Weekly Vibe Check- 11.19-11.26

I'm baaaaaack!!! I got so many folks asking when I'd start these again, and I've been meaning to.  The depresh mode got me good, lemme tell ya.  These blog posts are so fun to write, but they became a huge drain, so I stopped.  This past eclipse season clicked me back into gear and lemme tell ya, I'm RUSTY.  So I'm soft launching these weekly blogs again. Hooray! You're welcome and I'm sorry.

Don’t Fuck It Up


Picture this, you’re on the Drag Race stage, facing Ru herself.  The set is quiet, and you’re about to hear your critique for your performance for the week.  Nausea bubbles up from your stomach, yet you smile to save face.

It's vicious.  Your hair's wrong, your makeup sucks, where the fuck is your padding girl??  Your character is called into question- not just your drag character, but your personal choices.


You’re shook.  Sure, you stole your ideas from whispers in the hallway between PA’s on their lunchbreak, but you really put yourself out there too!  Maybe you sabotaged the competition and stirred up some shit with backroom gossip, but you leant your bestie (who WON!) the top she’s wearing. Ew, Gross

You’ve been faced with some seriously harsh critiques, and all you want to do is snap back at every point the judges make.  Should you? Really, though?

Kitten Caboodle (that’s you), While your heroism was not taken for granted during the Make A Wish Challenge, your Medieval runway did anything but Slay… I’m sorry dear but you’re up for elimination.  Time to lip synch for your life!




This week’s astro weather has us in this exact bind- put up or shut up. But for god’s sake, don’t fuck it up. 


There will be opportunities, as always both interpersonally and globally, to see these energies play out.  For those of us who have cheated, lied and partook in some fuckery, we’ll be confronted with our condemnation.  This could be as small as a white lie or as large as spiteful global stage hatred.  Either way, it’s in our best interest not to fight when we’ve been caught.


I say this all the time, but to reiterate: There’s no such thing as a good person.  Clinging to the concept, the identity of being “good and pure” without mistake, fault, or being an asshole sometimes is basically having the white supremacist eugenics hotline on speed dial.  We don’t need it, and we don’t want it.  Own your fuckups, no matter how small.  Own your petty bullshit when you’re caught, and make amends.  Allow yourself and others to be held accountable, even if that means tarnishing an image you’ve spent ages cultivating. 


If you’re successful in leaning into accountability, the shitstorm will dissipate much faster and gentler than the other route.  Take off your mask, Valentina!  We need to watch your lips!

For whatever reason, if you really can’t bring yourself to own up- at the very least do not double down on your shitty position.  Don’t lean into the reasoning why you did what you did, said what you said, etc and make matters worse.

There is a big energy this midweek that will crack open false facades, expose lies, and reveal truths many will assume were to be taken to the grave.  While we don’t want to allow folks to pile on when we admit to fault, taking the appropriate amount of responsibility (and holding others to their appropriate amount of accountability) will save substantial face.  Many folks will be embarrassed as hell when they show their asses is what I’m saying. 

Your reputation can rebound from you being kind of shitty for a while, acknowledging the issue, making amends and moving forward. It’s sour for a moment, and then it passes.  But being a liar on top of that?  Nobody likes a liar.  And boy will there be lyinggggg this week!  OOF.   So don't be too quick to play judge, jury AND executioner, because the facts will not be clear until the ink is dry, yaknow?

If you don’t know the words, baby remember “watermelon pineapple” gets you in flow until you know what the hell is going on.  By Thursday we'll see the dust settle a bit, and new structures of social interaction and engagement will be formed based on this new information.  Are you a safe person who can pivot and change when necessary? Or are you a hard headed mess who's bound to be a liability when working in community?


Lipsynch for your life!  A hell of a lotta people will be scrambling to chatter away the week, and telling on themselves like goofs.  If you’re holding onto a secret that needs to be kept, just nod and smile until it’s over.  Don’t risk spilling the beans by going rogue here. 



It’s likely you’ll be on both the giving and receiving end of this energy, so remember: if someone is over reacting to some otherwise benign occasion- it’s a thinly veiled amount of emotional noise concealing something deeper.  Usually, whatever’s behind that reaction is a threat to someone’s sense of self.  Most specifically, the “good person” image they strive to project. 


Clock it in yourself.  Clock it in others, and show some grace all around.






Astro Transits of the week:

11.20- Quarter Moon Aquarius (moon Aqua Square Sun + Mars Scorpio), Lunar conjunction Saturn Pisces, Mercury Trine Chiron

11.21- Moon Square Mercury, Mars Sextile Pluto, Moon Sextile Uranus

11.22- Lunar Transits- Conjunction Neptune, Pluto, then Trine Mars Scorpio, Venus Opposition Chiron Aries, Moon Aries Trine Sun Sag (12:35am)

11.23- Moon Conjunction Chiron Aries, Opposition Venus Libra, Trine Mercury Sag, Sun square Saturn Pisces

11.24- Moon Square Pluto, Sextile Saturn

11.25- Moon Conj Jupiter Taurus, Mars Square Saturn Pisces

11.26- Moon Conj Uranus Taurus, Sextile Neptune, Trine Pluto- Moon Gemini Square Saturn Pisces, opposition Mars Sag


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