Weekly Vibe Check- 5.8-5.14 Montage Sequence

This week, we’re letting the dust from the eclipse energy settle. Whatever came up for you was likely very uncomfortable, but within that discomfort lies the key to the next layer of evolution you want to attain.

Last week’s eclipse had me personally take inventory of how I show up, my fears of being seen authentically, and the potential for power and influence that comes with doing so. It was a lot to take in and work through, so missing last week’s Vibe Check was not my favorite thing to do - but it was necessary. If you follow me on IG, you know that in lieu of a Vibe Check, we did dice rolls for eclipse energy, which I think was pretty darn successful. With something as personal as an eclipse, it’s difficult to set a general ‘vibe’ for an anonymous audience anyway. I prefer this.

Now, on to the weekly vibe check! Montage Time

Whatever your eclipse energy dealt you, it was likely a painful or emotionally overwhelming time. This week, we are in the recalibration process. Mercury is still retrograde, meaning we’re being given time to sit and let the dust settle without the pressure of forward momentum. You don’t need the answers right now, you don’t need to hurry up and fix yourself. Take this week as the energy of the montage to sort things out.

Montages are funny things. They’re often a crescendo moment between the ending of one act and the beginning of another. They’re highlight reels of long-term effort - not unlike social media being the highlight reels of otherwise mundane life. We love seeing them with an upbeat track in the background that outlines the main character's determination to succeed.  We love watching our main character build the necessary skills to beat 'the thing' they're up against.  

If you don't know what she's training for that's probably for the best

Funnily enough, montage reels are overwhelmingly reels of failure. While the time between trying something new and mastering a skill is truncated during a montage, in real-time it takes weeks, months, if not years to accomplish confidence and mastery. Typically, we see our character be a fumbling fool for the first portion, trying and failing over and over and over again.  Often that comes with physical pain, but the spirit shining through - getting up every time they fall.

if only it were as fun as jumping into Pswayze's arms repeatedly

Eventually, in the montage, there comes a breaking point - either someone wants to quit and gives it one last shot (when it inevitably ‘clicks’), or they get so frustrated they approach their work from an angle so chaotic that it breaks through to them. It’s the moment where we see them swipe everything off the desk and begin with this new take and confidence. 

Breaking down the fear of failure by experiencing it repeatedly is essential to success- and those failures are the dues paid for eventual inspiration.

You just know this smelled awful

This week is our individual and collective montage energy. Some of us are stuck in the ‘repeated failure/frustration’ phase, and some of us are in the new phase of creative burst and inspiration. Regardless, we’re all watching the dust settle from the past week’s eclipse. We’re being given the opportunity to look back at what we’ve been doing and how it’s caused us pain, keeping us from our ultimate goal. 

If we’re too afraid to face that failure cycle, we won’t be given the inspiration to move forward.  And to move forward, we always have to leave something behind.  Most often that is those old habits and comfortable approaches.  Engaging with change means acknowledging our pain points regularly, as we show up in new ways daily by necessity. 

This is the week we’re able to test new ways of going about how we show up to our reps.  What can we learn from the failures and pains of this past week, and how can we apply them in useful ways moving forward?  

Your expertise is just as valuable as anyone else's when applied in the right scenario


I can’t tell you how to figure this one out, but if you’re at least brave enough to feel the pain without trying to squash it down and get rid of it, you’re doing it right. 

Later this week we’ll be given the opportunity for that burst of inspiration, and a quick highlight reel of just how far we’ve come in this montage. We’re not ready to move forward just yet, but this is a great time for a roundtable and recalibration. The more honest we are with ourselves, the more effective we can use this energy.

Mercury turns direct on Sunday, 5.14, meaning we can set the goals we make this week into actionable plans. It’s gonna be a fun ride if we let it.



Astro Transits of the week:

5.8- Moon square Neptune, Trine Jupiter, Opposing Venus

5.9- Sun conjunct Uranus (get up and make those plans! Sweep the desk and brainstom!)

5.10- Moon trine Sun and Uranus, Moon conj Pluto (feel the depth of these painful moments and allow them to inspire your new direction and power)

5.11- Moon square Merc Rx (Feel past failings and find new ways of approach)

5.12- Mercury sextile Saturn, Sextile Venus (Consider goals and how they align with your self now, how you got here and what works/doesn’t work to get to your next goal)

5.13- Venus trine Saturn (Pull your heart into a solid foundation of new habits)

5.14- Mercury Direct- Go get em!  New Phase approaches :) 


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