Weekly Vibe Check 4.3-4.9.23 She Doesn't Even Go Here!

Weekly Vibe Check- 3.27-4.2.23


I just took a shot of Fireball. 


Get in, Loser. We're doing a weekly vibe check!


Not gonna lie folks, this week is gonna feel like we’re playing by Reality TV show rules, where nothing’s real and anyone who’s lying is gonna win- or at least they will before the big twist put there by producers.  Secrets Secrets Secrets.  Everyone's a member of the Plastics.  Everybody's a Mean Girl. 

It’s gonna be so stupid.  So this blog post is gonna be kind of stupid to match the energy.  I hope you enjoy.


I used my ESPN to channel this blog post


Scandalous, secrets, lies oh my!  But what ‘exposed lies’ are actually lies and manipulation exposed for our benefit, which ones are for purposes of distractions, and which ones are just plain ol made up for a reaction?  It's crazy what you can get people to admit if you just lie to them about knowing something they feel guilty about.


What are marijuana tablets?  


If you’ve ever been wrapped up in teenage style drama, you know how quickly immaturity can cloud reality and amplify it into a theatrical performance of absurdity.  If you’re the subject, or in the center of the damn thing, it’s definitely not fun.  Emotional and social manipulation is the worst.  

Yes, chaos will ensue in some fashion, but again- let the wave crash over you and stand strong.  Everyone, and I mean everyone is lying right now.  Everybody’s trying to take control of the narrative, have the power, and tempt the conversation toward their advantage.


Hey, that's only ok when I say it!

And believe me, there will be more than enough gossip and fanfare to entice you into engagement.  No shade if you fall prey to it- a little bit can be fun! But really keep yourself grounded and hold onto your boundaries this week, especially when engaging with drama.  That finger pointy- blamey- reputation ruining-y energy is around a LOT this week, and most of it will be kinda scammy feeling.  Try not to be a pawn in a fight you've got nothing to do with.  


The US Govt is a gap toothed bitch


Be the definition of unflappable!  The resilient heart will win here.  No enormous collapse will happen, even if it appears to be the case for a moment.  I remember the first month of 2020 when we all assumed WWIII would occur, but by some strange happenstance of Twitter shitposting it sort of just… stopped?  This is the energy of the week.  There's some serious shit that can be dissolved with pure mockery and shock value.  Speaking of Twitter...


it's not your fault you're so gap toothed

As always, we’ll see this play out politically and socially in the biggest way.  Especially in the US, where on the 5th- the day before a Libra Full Moon- we have some of the most on the nose transits of the US natal chart.  It’s gonna be clown shoes all the way down.  The US' natal chart's fatal flaw with a Chiron Aries Opposition to Saturn in Libra- farce, artifice, hanging onto the bit for waaaay too long even when it's obviously a sham and nobody's laughing anymore.  Keeping up with the Joneses even though we're bankrupt as a Social Movement?  Classic Cool Mom US vibes.  


Say 'crack epidemic' again


There’s no reason to make any sudden moves; starving gossip mills from oxygen and attention will deflate the momentum better than anything else.  Most of what we hear will be hot air- and anything that isn’t will need a long term approach to fix the issue, not a knee jerk reaction to solve the problem.  This is more like giant rich babies screaming at each other.  


This is Zuckerburg iykyk


But secrets will come out, and some of them will be hilarious.  Very Soap Opera energy here- it’s almost so absurd that we can’t believe what we’re witnessing.  The sloppy writing, the convoluted plot points.  It will be almost annoying how some folks will still be hanging on every word of media personalities masquerading as powerful people.  


This one's about 45, and probably Taylor Swift somehow


This week, evaluate what feels most true to you and act from the direction of your own moral compass.  Because behind every fantastical display with high production value, there’s money and agendas.  And almost every time, those agendas are trading human rights and lives for stupid nonsense.  While it’s more fun to engage in the rumor mill, there is real opportunity here to rise above it all and move forward make real change.  It won’t feel so fun when the real motivations for it all are uncovered.


 I don't think my father, the inventor of toaster strudel, would be pleased to hear about this...


More than anything else, your own inner sense of self is the name of the game this week.  Which is why this blog post is pretty silly- I can’t tell you who you are, that’s the whole point!  If you can navigate the nonsense, you can thankfully find some levity this week.  So take a respite while you can; when you’ve recalibrated with some lighthearted fun, get back out there to do your thang. 


 Artificially inflating crypto doesn't make you any richer



I did not try very hard on this one; last week's accuracy bummed me out.  


You're doing great, sweetie!


Notable Astro Transits This Week:

Monday- 4.3 Mercury Taurus Square Pluto Aqua, Mercury enters Taurus

Wednesday- 4.5 Mercury taurus Sextile Saturn Pisces, Sun Conj Jup/Chiron Aries

Thursday- 4.6 FULL MOON LIBRA BB YAS- Conj Cup Chiron Aries oops, Marc Conj NN Taurus

Friday 4.7- Grand Water Trine between Moon, Saturn, Mars weep for me- Venus Taurus sextile Neptune Pisces

Saturday 4.8- Mercury Taurus Sextile Mars Cancer


The Jupiter- Sun- Chiron conjunction energies IRL 


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Fun fact, I had this line in a High School play and flubbed it.  Had to repeat it with much less of a laugh than was called for.  I think about that at night while falling asleep sometimes.





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