Weekly Vibe Check- 4.24-4.30 Look What You Made Me Do

Weekly Vibe Check- 4.24-4.30 Look What You Made Me Do

SSSSNnnnnakeeees Are A Foot among the Wolves, Children

It's no secret that Taylor Swift has been a cultural phenomenon for over a decade now.  And lately, I have to admit, I've been consuming an ungodly amount of Taylor Swift content.  As a 1989’er who also has the Chiron/Jupiter placement in Cancer- a conjunction that happens only about once a decade- this square we’ve been experiencing in Aries has been one for the books.  It’s no wonder why TSwift kicked off her ERAS tour during this intense square to her natal placement.  The spectacle is astounding.  Ever the practical Virgo myself, I can’t let all this new information go to waste.  This week feels like the thematic crescendo of Look What You Made Me Do.  


For those just tuning in, the Reputation era was all about TSwift coming back from dealing with the music industry- and the media- as a fully adult entertainer.  As shady as we know the media to be, she seemed to experience the depths of viciousness in a way that became a spectacle (Classic Chiron Jupiter Moon Conjunction, amirite).  LWYMMD is a music video full of references to having been betrayed at various points in time by the industry, and I’d suggest giving it a look through to get the vibes for this week.   It’s about punishment, vengeance, and consequences for bad behavior.  


Remember when Tswift was so pissed at how low Spotify paid their artists so she just didn’t give them her music for a few years? Pepperidge farm remembers.

We might ache to indulge in foolishness this week, desperate to move faster than is wise. While it’s common to overlook initial problems and move forward with the excitement of momentum, those issues are real and will come back to haunt you later. Sooner than later, in fact. Mercury retrograde is very interesting this week! When we talk about the ‘re’s of retrogrades,’ we are being shown hangups and snags in the system for a reason.

Think of Little Red Riding Hood for a moment. She was pretty clearly talking to a wolf, and yet she kept asking questions and believing the wolf’s lies. She had doubts about the wolf, but dismissed them and ultimately perished for her mistake. That’s the vibe this week. Any wishful thinking or belief we decide to hold onto against our better judgment will crumble, and it will have to do with our sense of self most deeply.   If you’re not into old-timey folklore (gasp! wordplay!) you can just look to the heartbreaking mistakes of a sensitive wide-eyed girl in the music industry (Hello Moon in Cancer!) clashing many times with Kanye West and the Kardashian fam. 


I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because She’s Dead!

I often talk about over-identifying with a belief system, ideals, or religion as a surefire way to get wrapped up in extremist beliefs. When these beliefs cause harm, they do so VERY loudly. As Saturn is transiting Pisces, we’ll see in these three years the unraveling of religious/pseudo-religious institutions and how much harm they’ve caused individuals and groups. Not to mention the amount of impact they have on the American political system, our economy, and our entertainment industry. (No, this isn’t an anti-Semitic rant, by the way.) I’m talking about the cults that are becoming more well-known to the public that flourishes in the entertainment industry- specifically music and fashion. Scientology has a short while to go before it gets hit, but this is an interesting week for those who have big investments (as in identity investments as well as financial investments) in these systems.  Oh, did I mention the Kardashians have their own church?  Definitely not for tax evasion purposes.  And definitely no weird connections to Hillsong cults that are also definitely not going to be some first-time director’s dream documentary in a decade.  

If you get too into Swift’s discography, you’ll soon hear the astounding amount of religious imagery and sonic elements in her music.  It’s clear she’s been grappling with the intersection of a religious conservative upbringing and the actual trash-fire world that those views have created.  

This week feels like work safety standards will be put on trial. I mean it’s definitely not OSHA-approved to have a pile of bodies representing your past selves just laying around for someone to trip over! 


Where sinister things are going on behind the scenes to cut expenses, shortcuts will be exposed- probably by their failings. This is more the potential of something or someone getting hurt than actual physical danger causing harm. But as Americans, we only listen when bodies are on the line, so it’s possible there will be. This feels like a larger-than-life display of an “I told you so!” moment where those who wanted to cut corners get shown exactly what happens when you try to game the system.


There are also folks who have been harmed by systems in the larger sphere of life, especially regarding their working conditions and forced daily routines who have been plotting their revenge. This is why it’s especially important not to proclaim any intense allegiance to a system, company/structure right now. If you find yourself being associated with a crumbling mess, distance yourself from the chaos ASAP.  


Fun fact that dollar bill by her right shoulder is a nod to her (pre #metoo era) sexual assault lawsuit against David Mueller.  Which she won, by the way.  Having someone grab your ass during a meet + greet, with photo evidence and witnesses and still getting called someone ‘doing it for attention’ is just great, isn’t it?  


Laying low amongst your own intense desire to rush ahead is the best idea right now. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing afoot- many systems and structures are not as stable as they seem. It’s wise to turn into your daily routines, keep to yourself, and watch the towers fall. If you make too big of a scene, your cover will be blown, and you’ll get caught in the crossfire- intentionally or otherwise.  Rushing in may unfortunately cause you to wolf out.   Ya dig?


I remember seeing this live, the VMA’s happen on my birthday every year. Weird, right? Somehow this was just the beginning. There's more Swift-Kardashian drama later this year, don't worry


For you and me? We’re best left to sit back and keep our hands and feet inside the ride at all times. Most of what is a glamorous show is actually serving as protection for individuals and groups. If we buy in now, we’ll fall just as hard as those institutional forces that are toppling That’s not where you want to be.


Something something your previous identities, let them go it’s fine you’ll be fine

Furthermore, next week, the upcoming eclipse in Scorpio may bring to light secrets and backdoor dealings that have been hidden until now. While it’s important to stay informed and aware of what’s happening around us, it’s also essential to remain grounded and centered in our daily routines. By doing so, we can avoid getting caught up in the chaos and instead be a source of stability and strength for ourselves and those around us.  

It will be quite the show to see the ERAS tour in Atlanta this week, and Nashville next weekend during the eclipse, that’s for certain…


 The infamous Lover house- aka her career library to this point- at the beginning of the ERAs tour set

She burns it down by the end

Notable Astro Transits This Week:

Monday 4.24 -Moon ingresses into Cancer

Tuesday 4.25 - Moon in cancer conj Mars, Trine Saturn Pisces, Sextile Mercury Rx, Venus Gemii Sextile Chiron Aries

Wednesday 4.26 - Moon square Chiron Aries, Sextile Uranus taurus, Square Jupiter Aries

Thursday 4.27 - Quarter Moon- Leo- Opposing Pluto Aquarius, then Squaring Sun Taurus.  Mars Cancer Square Chiron Aries-  THIS IS THE DAY TO STAND BACK BABES

Friday 4.28 -Moon Square Mercury Rx, Trine Chiron, Square Uranus, Sextile Venus Gemini 

Saturday 4.29 -Mars Sextile Uranus Taurus

Sunday 4.30 -Moon Opposing Saturn Pisces, Trine Mercury Taurus, Trine Sun Taurus (the dust settles)



Don't forget that everyone is able to be a corporate shill and do awful garbagio dealings because money is where it's at.

 Pobody's Nerfect




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