Weekly Vibe Check: 4.10-4.16.23- Dancin' in the Moonlight feat. Electric Eels

Weekly Vibe Check: 4.10-4.16.23

Dancin' in the Moonlight feat. Electric Eels

2023 is the year of holding paradox.  And in true paradoxical fashion, the most efficient way to do so is to not try to hold onto anything at all. Non-attachment is the key here.  When we try too hard to focus our perspective, identity, or reality in one spot (x FLAG) we become rigid.  The ebb and flow of water will always erode rigidity over time.  The beauty of elemental checks and balances is eternal.  It’s not to say that having strong beliefs or standing in your integrity isn’t worthwhile- that should absolutely guide your actions.  However, allowing them to change over time when presented with new information or ways of being, allowing yourself to slowly expand (or contract) when necessary is the goal of energetic evolution.   


After last March’s intense shifts, we are in a period of recalibration.  The snow globe has been shaken up, and the glitter is falling around us in new patterns.  This week we feel that process the most.  If you’ve been holding on too tightly to one way of being, you’re in for a little jolt of electricity as a warning shot.  Amend your perspectives- or at least be less rigid in your opinions- a larger, more dangerous jolt is coming through that wire soon.  If you’re still holding onto those beliefs or opinions, you’ll feel the consequences.


The upside is we live in an age when we can see what anyone is doing at any time anywhere in the world.  Go ahead, ease up on your intensity and watch some folks who didn’t get the shock.  Otherwise you’ll be the teachable moment. 


This week is the week where the Moon is in charge.  Lunar phases are something I plan to write more about in a separate post, but think about the moon as being the ultimate magnifying glass to the planetary energies we face.  When the moon is full, we get the intense, agitated, uncomfortable elements of it- deer in the headlights, hungover restaurant noise clashing sounds, hypersensitive tactile sensations.  During a New Moon, things are quieter, left to settle in their own time and pace.  Depending on what energies we’re dealing with at the time, either of those could be good or bad.  This was the subject of a class in a lecture series on planetary energies I wrote last year.  Let me know if you'd be interested in those lectures a la carte, I plan on recording them soon. 


Quarter moons are fascinating.  We have only half of the information available to us, so if we’re not careful to remember that there’s a big picture, we could be thrown for quite a loop.  Think about how all crappy plots in films could be solved by the main characters talking to one another instead of charging head first into conflicts with zero context.  That’s the tempting energy of Quarter moons.  You’ve got half the information, and the other half is found within you- does this stuff make sense?  Does something feel not quite right?  Bombastic Side Eye.  Criminal offense side eye.   Slow down when you feel trigger happy.  You’ll be glad you didn’t act up foolishly during quarter moon cycles.  Inquisitiveness is the play here.  Childlike curiosity.  


*It should be noted that checking your own natal chart will greatly inform you of how energies feel specifically for you.  If you were born during a specific lunar phase like a full/quarter/new moon, those transit energies will be especially impactful when they hit your chart. Not everyone experiences these the same, which is why we’re all people and transit natal astrology exists in the first place*


Quarter moons are also excellent opportunities to practice holding paradox.  They are visual embodiment of paradoxical energy, and unfold as such.  Electric eels baffle scientists in a similar fashion due to their paradoxical nature.  Why don’t they electrocute themselves?  Water and Electricity is big nope energy, we know that.  I have no further answers for you here, besides to remind you that grabbing one is a bad idea.  We'll have a ton of half truths flown around, meant to excite our nervous system to get a reaction.  Doing so will feel just as stupid as grabbing onto an electric eel.  


Holding paradox is best served with a heaping scoop of curiosity, open mindedness and caution.  See what happens this week if you wait to have a ‘take’ about something, and instead sit back and watch things play out.  Ask questions.  Remember, Quarter Moons Call for Questions.  Enjoy that little alliteration. 

Approach this week as if you’re a child playing the game Snakes and Ladders is a good play.  If something weird comes up, slither down and through and keep going when it’s your turn.  See a ladder, climb away!  But know that you could still fall down and enjoy the view while you have it.  That’s the point here friends.  It’s always the point. 


And if all else fails and you really can’t handle this week’s energies without some external help- might I humbly offer my Moon Mother line as an excellent addition to your daily routine when Lunar energies are as heavy as they are this week.  They were made for this, so enjoy them!


I'm sorry I didn't feel like posting a bunch of photos this week. I'm locked out of IG for recreating my #Freebritney highlight, (SUS) so when I get unlocked out of it I'll be able to share this and will probably go back and add some stuff.  Also planning on turning this into a pod script for folks on the go and audiophiles! 

But right now, Imma go play with my dog at the park.  Byeeeeee


Notable Astro Transits This Week:

4/10- Moon ♐️ Trine Jupiter (sun/Chiron ♈)- Think back to 4.5 when Chiron and the Sun were Conjunct in ♈ and amplified by Jupiter.  What big feels came up for you? What aspects of your identity were you confronted with that made you a little uncomfy.  This week the script is flipped and we have those themes played out for you on the big stage, so you’ll notice that a little perspective may inform your paradox a lot.

4/11- Venus ♊ Trine Pluto Aqua, Sun Conj Jupiter ♈ (with byproduct of Chiron.  Look to 4.5 for personal echoes of when the Sun conj Chiron and notice those themes projected outward in the larger public sphere.  Notice how some distance can give you great perspective and add new layers of understanding to the issues you’re dealing with.

4/12- Moon’s in charge for the rest of the week- sparkling water electrified from here on out. How sensitive are we?  Probably like a raw nerve.  Don’t shock yourself now.   ♑️ Moon Opp Mars ♋️, then trining Mercury♉️, Then squaring Chiron♈️ (see yesterday to prepare!), then Trine Uranus ♉.  Big moves to flow through here.  Dominos cascading in a line

4/13- Quarter Quell- I mean Quarter Moon.  ♑ Moon Square Sun in ♈.  Then conj Pluto ♒, trine ♊️Venus.  Quarter moons yield only half the information we need externally, and require the other half to be intuitive.  We’re prone to black and white thinking during these times, and erratic all or nothing behavior.  Watch yourself, and act with measured pace.  Still revolving around sensitive issues of Chiron ♈ themes for you personally.  Check your chart house for the room we’re dealing with

4/14- ♊ Venus Square Saturn ♓️, Moon Square Mercury, sextile Chiron, square Uranus ♉.  Let your feelings teach you something today.  They give you information just like any textbook.  Sit with them without judgement and see what you can learn.  Get out of your head today, otherwise it’s frustration nation 

4/15- Moon sextile Jupiter, Sun ♈- remix of Monday’s energy, resolutions and final dissemination of issues and their fallout into your real life space

4/16- Moon Conj Saturn♓️, Square Venus ♊, Sextile Mercury ♉, Trine Mars ♋- Real world solutions are available to you now if you map them out first by utilizing you intuition.  Don’t try to use your head here.  Resolutions of 4.14 energies of this style.  You’ve got time.  You’re not behind. Don’t rush the process.



A side note for my beloved folks with a fellow Jupiter/Chiron Cancer natal placement (July 1989-August 1990) This week is gonna be rough.  It’ll be rough for the next couple of weeks, while Mars transits this intense placement and Jupiter’s finished its wide conjunction (with the Sun’s involvement) to Chiron in Aries.  This square has been hugely informative about our sense of self, and calling us to boldly care for ourselves in overt sincerity- sometimes at the expense of those who need to see us in a certain light.  It’s almost over, but not quite.  This includes folks like Tswift, AOC, Margot Robbie, Kristin Stewart, Brie Larson, JLaw, Aaron Hernandes, JonBenet Ramsay, etc.


You look great today btw.


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