Weekly Vibe Check- 3.27-4.2.23: Iconoclasm Spasm

Weekly Vibe Check- 3.27-4.2.23

What’s up, fellow Bad Kids, this week is chock full of Goo Goo Muck, so let’s dig in:

Every week I draw a spread, check the stars, and tell you the vibes while also explaining nothing


Omg, do you remember that iconic dance performance Jenna Ortega did as Wednesday Addams?

I’ll dance, dance, dance with my hands, hands hands above my head head head


It seems like the lackluster (literally) show spawned one of the most iconic memes of the year- through Tik Tok of all places.  Did you see the absolute circus that those Government Hookers made of hearings with Mr. Chew, CEO of Tik Tok?  Nice try Zuckerberg, but being weirdly horny to become America’s Pontius Pilate is not interesting enough for anyone to jump on the bandwagon. 

(Avoiding another digression here by NOT mentioning the correspondences between lead toxicity in Roman officials and the fall of the empire, and definitely not mentioning how toxic chemical poisoning is rampant in the US and these types of psychotic actions are very on time astrologically)


Anyway, if you’re unfamiliar with that song, it’s an old anthem from Born This Way, a revolutionary album for the 2011 release date.  The entire album is absolutely iconic, released during an intense time of political shifts around LGBTQ+ rights.  Most importantly, New York’s Marriage Equality act, and the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t tell.  I’m not quite sure if we’ve collectively clocked just how much has changed socially in a single decade.


Something else to realize about the album Born this Way is how it dissected the fragile intersection between self love and self hate- especially within those who were raised within a religious belief system.  So many tracks on that album are blatantly referencing Christian religious symbolism and dramatically reorienting them, while simultaneously critiquing the christo-fascist state we found ourselves in.  Even amid seemingly impressive social progress, we were feeling the undergrumblings of what was to come.  Curious to think how the Eras tour is expanding queer history discussions among youth culture today.  But I digress…

The entire concept album threaded the needle beautifully, welcoming those who were outcast from their religious upbringing and redirecting the power of enthusiastic worship back toward the listener.  Pop Alchemy at its finest, reclaiming religious power is a huge theme this year, and a large portion of this energy kicks off this week.  And make no mistake friends, many ex-Cathols are folk magicking their power back from the church… slowly, quietly, draining it every day and rerouting that power back to the people.  This week is highly advised to begin to do so with any other types of idolatry you've been entertaining.  


Bloody Mary’s lyrics are genius, beginning with the single word: Money- and then going on to describe how no matter what happens, what’s done is done.  The pain that has been caused cannot be unfelt.  You can’t uncrucify someone.  We are not just art for Michelangelo to carve/ He can’t rewrite the agro of my furied heart.  She then goes on to detail that no, she won’t seek revenge.  Forgiveness is already given.  That was Jesus’ whole vibe. 

All that’s left to do is

Dance, dance dance/

with my hands above my head head head/

Like Jesus said: /

I won’t cry for you/

I won’t crucify the things you do- /

see when you’re gone I’ll still be Bloody Mary


would you like an egg in this trying time?


Meaning, revenge doesn’t undo the pain caused by injustice.  Expending energy on anger and spite removes the ability to properly grieve and respect what has come to pass in its severity.   

I will never recover from this album, tbh.  It’s perfection.  The entire song is so slept on, or it was before its resurgence on Tik Tok.

It’s also not the song Jenna Ortega originally danced to in the episode of Wednesday. 



close enough...


A typical 4/4 timed song, as easily swapped out with almost any other song with the same time signature.  But this one was chosen.  The original track Jenna danced to was Goo Goo Muck, by the Cramps.  In an interesting contrast, the psychobilly track is about casing the streets at night hunting for a hookup.  One more coin in the ‘everything isn’t as it seems’ jar.   What’s more, Jenna Ortega was sick with COVID during the filming of that scene, and the questionable ethics surrounding that setup, or the shooting location being in Romania, are all topics for another blog post to save from an unsalvageable tangent.

So what does any of this have to do with this week’s energy, you may be asking?  Well, as the lights came up on our dance party last week and we’re faced with uncomfortable clarity about what’s been going on in the dark while we’ve been in Lala land- this week takes that energy a step further.  Balancing the harsh reality of life with necessary fantasy is the theme here. 



Regardless of what came to light for you personally, including if you were caught with your own hand in the cookie jar ZUCK, this week is a time to take a step back and recalibrate.  There’s still folks who want to keep the party going, dancing around as if the lights are still off, keeping up appearances. Especially if those dances were blatant distraction tactics to hide very real harm being caused.  Too often we rush through the process of ‘aftermath’ and run toward the next goalpost. 


This week, as our eyes collectively adjust to the fluorescent lights, we’ll be given some pretty horrifying revelations to just how much harm was being caused while we were distracted.  This could be in your personal life, your work environment- but it will definitely be visible by example in pop culture and politics.  And if we are wise, we’ll listen to Gaga- and instead of seeking revenge, wildly swinging fingers with which to aim our scorn and seek retribution- we should pause and allow ourselves to grieve.  Take stock of the fantasies you were living under, the assumptions you made about certain things being ‘all right’ when they weren’t.  Who you trusted that didn’t deserve it.  And try to do this without judgement of self here.  Fantasies aren’t inherently bad; we need them to survive the harsh edges of the world. 




Trusting the wrong people is a lesson we all learn many times in life.  However, when we’re confronted with the truth, hiding in our fantasies causes much more harm than good.  Collectively, we’ll be angry and thirsty to punish someone anyone for the harm being caused.  But as social waves tend to go, typically the punishment is far too narrowed in on a single person- ruining a reputation or career instead of dismantling a system entirely.    Our idols are falling one by one, becoming re-humanized by their public mistakes and hubris.  If we’ve put our trust into public figures as we would religious idols, we can find ourselves very much in a Bloody Mary situation- wailing, confused as to who we are without them, and faced with a choice. 

 “j’veux pas mourir toute seule”- > I don’t want to die alone. 

Very likely that anyone publicly being dragged (or privately, we’re all crabs in a bucket with mars in Cancer now) will grab onto their constituents to bring them down, to shift blame as an attempt to save themselves from a solitary iconoclasm. 




There’s some really big Muck dug up this week.  Part of the fantasy here may be realizing how unfazed you’ve become to horrible news of tragedy.  We’ve been overwhelmed with it for the past 8 years at this point.  But it’s still very real. 

What’s done is done, so try to really feel the weight of it this week.  Allow yourself to sit with the severity of things, even if they’re deeply uncomfortable realizations about yourself.  There’s no way to move forward if we can’t orient ourselves properly before we begin.  This may be the most important parts of the year to stay present- and the option to turn away + tune out is always there.  Chiron is mutable, after all.  We don’t have to heal.  But just as a broken wrist needs to be reset- if we don’t have a quick painful recalibration, everything forward movement will have a fucked up, broken foundation.  We also know that a calm and calculated movement is typically much more effective than one made in wild passionate rage.  Feel the rage, dive into the grief of it, and use it to get back up tomorrow.   




You’re more than welcome to crucify those that harm you, or martyr yourself in the face of being wronged.  But the harm caused will always have been there.  Eventually we will need to deal with it at face value.  But here we have a choice: an ending of the old vibe is upon us.  We have the decision to write the tone of the last sentence of that chapter, and the first sentence of the new book.  Don’t let Michelangelo rewrite the agro of your furied heart!! 


This is where fantasy comes back in a very useful way: once we level with ourselves and come back to reality, we’re free to fantasize from there to imagine how the future could look.  Fantasy and imagination are powerful tools for future building if used with discernment and tact.  For example, instead of being frustrated and furious about how inept our congress is at understanding even rudimentary concepts of digital landscape- understand this is an enormous plot hole we can utilize to our advantage.  I’ll leave that there and mumble something about that giant ship in Star Wars with the weird hole that explodes the whole thing if you shoot it at the right time. 


Point being- you can’t see the hole in that ship if you’re focused on how angry you are that it’s there to begin with.  It’s there, so let’s make some fireworks.  You and I are truly on the Edge of Glory here friends. I’m done shoehorning track titles into this blog post. ScheiBe. 


This is a Gaga blog now, sorry everyone goodbye.




Notable Astro Transits this week:

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter/Chiron Aries- 3/28 Tuesday (Harsh vibes, uncomfy truths of self and appearances for show)

Moon Conjunct Mars in Cancer, while Trine Saturn Pisces, while Square the Sun in Aries- 3/28- Tuesday- (Knee deep in the Goo Goo Muck, yuck)

Mars in Cancer Trine Saturn Pisces, while Venus in Taurus Conjunct Uranus Taurus- 3/30- Thursday (Choose your own adventure: Are you gonna crucify or dance?)

Jupiter, Chiron Aries trine Moon in Leo- 4/1- (Time to reset that broken energetic bone.  Relief washes over you quickly if you don’t recoil or avoid)



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If you want to know who your congressperson is so you can yell at them for doing embarrassing nonsense, go here: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative


If you want to knwo what's actually going on in real time without propaganda headlines, check the Federal Register.





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