Weekly Vibe Check- 11.26-12.3 Pivot while you Work

Weekly Vibe Check- 11.26-12.3

I don’t have a cute pop culture reference for this week my loves!


I will say, though- that this week’s energy is very much like what it felt watching Lessons in Chemistry.  A mere 8 episode arc, I promise it’s worth the watch.  Every single episode had me feeling incredibly seen, devastated, full of righteous anger, and yet somehow still hopeful.   I wept for an entire two full episodes, in a cathartic way I didn’t realize I needed.  Chalk approximately half of that up to my hormones; it’s still worth the experience. Quite highly recommend.


This week, it’s all about the Tsquares.  Most importantly, how we react to the ever important pivot points.  Often when I have Chiron in Aries readings, I see the imagery of someone waking into a wall repeatedly, frustrated they cannot get through.  If they were to take a few steps back and observe the length of the wall, they’d see there was a door not far away from their spot. 


The opportunity this week is to see obstacles and barriers as opportunities.  And often, taking a step back before reacting will allow us to be grateful that we weren’t allowed to push forward the way we wanted to.

Big energies are here this week with the Full Moon, and with that are rushing thoughts and antsy energy to move in some direction- any direction.  Somewhat like giving a toddler a Pixie Stick, we’ll need to wrangle ourselves from buzzing all over the place when faced with setbacks.


Sometimes, those setbacks will be mildly frustrating, and we’ll turn easily without losing momentum.  When this happens, try to be present and remember how easy it can be.  Some of us will be faced with repeated setbacks that seem personally appointed by the larger systems of inequality and general bullshit that comes with late stage capitalism (they are, so work with them).  And, some of us will face much, much  larger setbacks.  Setbacks that will require a longer period of time before the realization hits that it’s for the best.  Don’t try to knowledge your way out of supporting one another this week with this revelation.  As someone super familiar with grief and absurdity that unfolds from life, often when I’m not on the direct receiving end I want to tell my loved one the end result or lesson in it all.  Perspective is unfortunately not appropriate this week to replace human connection.  Show up for one another with authenticity.   It’s important to remember that everyone’s going through these transits simultaneously, and each of us will experience a different flavor and volume of them.  All that layered on top of every other human’s life experience with it can cause some pretty chaos in weeks like this!


There will be no solutions immediately available, but fast solutions never lead to lasting structural change anyway.  So show up this week.  Sit back and observe, stay present, and be there to witness what unfolds.  Pivot as best you can, and show some kindness to yourself when you’re overwhelmed. 


For some of us, it will be years before it makes sense.  For others (of course how these transits interact with your chart specifically), you won’t feel much past a confusing, dreamy flow of energy that you can’t quite pin down.  Please don’t try, it’s not the time to pin anything down!  That will be a warning shot of sorts, much like the jolt of an electric fence, to remind you to stay inside your path. 


There will be a beautiful reprieve of clarity during midweek, which will feel (and be) much like the eye of a storm.  Enjoy it, recalibrate, and get ready for round 2 next week!


It’s gonna be a bumpy one my loves.  But, going against my advice previously in this post- I promise it will work out for the best.  The universe has a wicked (derogatory) sense of humor. 


Are you in on the joke?




Astro Transits of the week:

11.27- Full Moon Gemini, conj Mars, Mercury Square Neptune, Lunar Chiron Sextile

11.28- Square, Moon, Saturn, Sun

11.29- Square, Moon, Neptune, Mercury

11.30- Tsquare, Venus, Pluto, North Node

12.1- Moon Trine Neptune, Sextile Uranus

12.2-3- Venus Trine Saturn, Moon Opposite Saturn


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