Weekly Vibe Check 1.15-1.21

Weekly Vibe Check 1.15-1.21

Weekly Vibe Check- 11.26-12.3


Last week we had a New Moon in Capricorn, but it came with many strings attached my friends!  Much like dusting off a priceless antique you found sitting forgotten in a thrift store, this lunar cycle has energy that is in need of some TLC.


We have great things we can accomplish with this energy, but first we need to clean off the cobwebs and repair some of the nicks and cracks we find.  It is a week of restoration before we can begin in a new direction.  There are tools we have at our disposal that can accompany this mending process, and while some may be archaic or even a little hard to swallow, the end result will be worth the aftertaste here. 


There’s so much in this world that is strikingly unsafe at the moment.  Moreso than usual, which is truly saying something.  This week we are being given the opportunity to take a moment of pause and stop searching for a new safe space to find shelter in.  Get off the mind numbing, dissociating habits we’ve curled up in (they haven’t worked for a while anyway, have they?) and decide that right here is where your safe space is.  To become a safe space for yourself, and therefore by extension you can become a safe space for others.  Everyone is scared right now.  Everyone.  Some have more concrete reasons to be scared, and some of us are dealing with people who have nowhere to put their fear but to lash out at others.  So much pettiness and nonsense is afoot.  And while it’s so very tempting to play ball with the energy thrown at you, it’s time to alchemize my friends.  You do not have to be perfect at this by any means, but the fact that you even decide to try will cause a ripple effect that may surprise you with its strength to change.


This week, pull out your cliches. Pull out your corny ‘hang in there’ posters with the cute cats.  Bring out your dad jokes!  Kindness and the intent to become that relief we all desperately seek is the vibe for this week.  You are so much stronger than you realize.  Especially if you’re reading my vibe checks, friends, you are likely someone with a strong heart full of compassion and optimism.  That heart of yours is likely still holding onto hope even out of spite at this point, for we have all seen far too much despair for one lifetime. 


Radical kindness is in for 2024.  We aren’t talking about a Satlburn esq respectability conversation pivot about the weather when someone is grieving.  This is about tapping into your resilience and sharing it with others.  They may not appreciate it outwardly, but this week is just a drop in the bucket of a much larger picture we have yet to experience.  Every time we decide to choose safety and compassion over reactive aggression- even when it’s warranted or overdue- we add another brick to the new social structures we aim to live within one day.


Speaking of pulling out cliches, I have to admit a very corny guilty pleasure of mine during times when I’m emotionally tapped out.  As an orphan astrologer without a mentor of any sort or a wise figure of authority I respect, I sometimes turn to those college graduation speech videos. (Not from 2020 though those are so sad) Within those moments there is a mixture of excitement, hope and yearning that is almost electric in some speakers voices.  There’s something I can’t quite roll my eyes at when watching a well known orator pass advice down to the next generation.  They’re always encouraging, and more often than not they remind us to radically dream of the future.  Those radical dreams inform radical actions.  And in a society where cruelty is easy to monetize, kindness is an act of revolution. 


In one such speech I watched last week from one of the best speakers of our time, Denzel Washington said

“In order to achieve something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done”


Often, we hear manifestation ‘coaches’ or whatever talk about how you can bring anything you want form the universe to you.  While this is sort of true, it’s only half truth.  In fact, the second step in getting to where you want to be is walking the damn walk.  You can’t wait around in the same patterns and expect new things to come in and shake your life up for you.  The things that do are generally terrible, let’s be real. 


So, when you can this week, bring the levity.  Bring the resilience, bring the laughter.  It is, and always has been, one of the best ways to alchemize fear.


Until next week…



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