Vibe check- 12.17-12.24

Vibe check- 12.17-12.24

*cough sputter choke*

Got a little over enthusiastic with the dusting off of our workspace last week, didn’t we? Some of us anyway. When the swirls of cloudy detritus haven’t settled yet but we still try to push forward with our work, we end up in a cloud of our own bullshit. Not ideal, but a good lesson regardless.  Sure, some of us handled the week with grace, but most of us had a tough go of it regardless of how externally calm we were.


This week the dust is still settling, but the air is clearer. We are able to enjoy the liminal space we’re inhabiting now between brush strokes on our work. What tool will we pick up next? Where do we want to take this artistic endeavor?


There’s so many options ahead of us, and rushing to be *productive* will absolutely destroy the beauty we’ve created. Be calm, move slowly, and take a few days to enjoy what you’ve accomplished in your own personal sphere. Give yourself your flowers, you’ve come a long way!


The confidence to make bold moves in the future lies in moments like these, where we ache and itch to keep going, but instead we take measured rests. This is the artistic process at work, and it is not unlike the spiritual alchemy and emotional maturation process many of us have been growing these past few years.


Enjoy the checkpoint energy, don’t make any permanent decisions right now. Play, and remember why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place. That core value system that drives you will be imperative to access down the road. It will be reflected in the progress you make on your metaphorical sculpture/painting/whatever.


Refinement can only come after consideration is taken. Otherwise it’s clunky, unpolished, and woefully close to being an “almost” success.



Have an excellent week!

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