Vibe Check- 12.11-12.17

Vibe Check- 12.11-12.17

Weekly Vibe Check- 12.11-12.17


This week is the time to refine our skills. Whatever we’ve been focusing on honing these last few months is coming to a head.


Much like as a carpenter must stop periodically to dust off shavings, revealing their carving- or a tattoo artist must wipe away excess ink from the skin as they work, this week is the best time to do just that for ourselves.


It is a moment to step back + assess what’s been done so far on our proverbial projects to clarify the next steps forward.


As Mercury Retrograde begins and a New Moon occurs this week, it’s a perfect opportunity to take your tools out and give your workspace a good dusting off. You’ll find some things you previously tossed aside that are definitely *not* trash clippings, and will hopefully spot them and return them to their appropriate space in your toolkit.  Maybe do a little reattaching for some bits you didn’t mean to completely chip away.


This stage in any artistic process is always a good time to rest a bit, reflect on your progress and give yourself your flowers for accomplishing so much. It’s a very satisfying endeavor, and a necessary one.


If we are tempted to skip this step, we will undoubtedly cause an energetic bottleneck for ourselves in the near future.  After all, who can see with cloudy, smudged glasses?  What good are your tools when clogged with dust?  That’s not only dangerous enough to make your tools malfunction (anyone who’s used a table saw can attest to this) but will also cloud our vision to the end goal. If we don’t engage with this step of creation, we may as well be flying blind! All that hard work and for what?


Of course, like all metaphors in the physical realm, the reality of our energetic ‘dusting off our workspace’ will mean the usual joy of engaging with what we wished to strip away. You can’t brush off what you haven’t discarded, so don’t be surprised if tiny flits and bits of obnoxious nonsense fly into your field of vision. But if we have done the right foundational work, it will be easy to clock these moments and move through them gracefully. Nonattachment is key for this reason, literally and metaphorically


And once we’ve dusted off our workspace, taken a step back to assess our project, we then find ourselves in yet another liminal space. Where to go from here? By assessing a work in progress we craft a physical checkpoint of sorts. A hinge or pivot point. What direction do you want to take this in? Do you need a lot more refinement, or just some slight adjustments?


The reassessment required from a Mercury Retrograde is a stress test of what currently works, and what needs some refining. It is here to help show us how of our piece will work in various environments.  As Mercury is one to play, not every environment we’ll encounter a test in will be necessary to pass. Do you need to eat soup with a crescent wrench? No. That doesn’t make a wrench useless!  Imagine!


A New Moon is the space of quiet contemplation- to refocus ourselves and pick a direction to move forward. New Moons are incredible portals like that, especially if they hit your natal chart in a favorable way.  As the light dims to almost nothingness, our eyes must adjust. Our other senses become sharper to compensate. Bioluminescent creatures have their moment to slay. That which is cast in shadow now leaps forward into our consciousness. And so we navigate accordingly.  Do we need more protective equipment due to the materials we’re working with?  Were some a bit overkill and restrictive?


What are you working on building?  As this year draws to a close, it’s a good idea to take stock of just how far you’ve come in the past 12 months. In whatever direction(s) you’ve done so, these last weeks are for embracing the current reality of your being and settling into it- beauty and beastly parts in all.


When we are balanced and focused internally in this way, we find the purest form of clarity and confidence attainable. It is only then we create the appropriate (fleeting) vessel to channel the Divine.  Some may call this enlightenment. I call it gratitude.


Have a fabulous week my loves!

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