Breakdown During Trying Times: Elastic Heart

For those who struggle with anxiety, overwhelm, panic, grief, confusion and despair- Elastic Heart is here to hold you.

For those who feel powerless in the face of evil, use this blend not only to recenter yourself, but within spellwork to any intended recipient. There are, my friends, many ways to support one another in these times.  

Elastic Heart: An intentional blend breakdown for those about to break down


        I put very specific care into what herbal spirits I incorporate into my herbal blends. Elastic Heart is no different. Two years ago, this blend came about as a dear friend of mine was going through a difficult breakup. She struggled with intense anxiety and with that, she kept revisiting and disrupting old heart wounds that did not allow her to effectively grieve. I was inspired to craft something that she could use equally effectively before a panic attack as mid heartbreak weeping.

Being lost in painful emotional loops is something we all have experience with, and without community support, these loops act like quicksand for our hearts to sink into.  

Unfortunately for Western Culture, the world does not stop for ANY grieving process.  We have to save face at work and in social situations to keep up pace with our society. Stopping to grieve is not allowed.  This of course adds to mental anguish on top of an already naturally distressing situation.  

As with all FMV products, I saw the forthcoming astrological transits of the next few years and knew that having a blend to aid in grief + panic would be incredibly useful.  So, I wove in some herbal support to assist in this balancing chore we add to the list of social norms. 

I will discuss  Frankincense Neglecta and why I use it in this blend in an other dedicated post. It is a necessary addition to this process, but for now, we will look at the herbal energies and aromatic components of Elastic Heart.

Breaking this down the herbal ingredients into three active stages:

Stage 1- Balancing and clearing unnecessary emotional clutter while keeping flow:

Juniper- One of the most well known herbs for general “purifying and clearing, banishing and exorcising” in folklore across cultures, Juniper has significant antimicrobial properties to back up these claims.  It also acts medicinally as a diuretic, which is an important aspect of flushing out what does not belong within us, and thus energetically allows us to flush out our stagnant feelings.  This helps push us past our own bullshit, for lack of more delicate phrasing.  


White Peony Root- Used in TCM for dampening overly hot liver and releasing anger appropriately, White Peony Root was an addition I felt necessary for this blend.  We push ourselves to forgive and move on too quickly, often leading to pent up resentments caused by not allowing ourselves to feel anger fully when appropriate.  Releasing the anger when appropriate is the key to timing grief effectively, and the addition of WPR for me was a release valve to make sure we don’t become stagnant in this phase.  It is imperative to remember that anger is a useful tool and can be coopted by outside forces if we aren't careful.


Stage 2- Mending the Head/Heart Meridian:

Wood Betony- Often a plant spirit that comes to help soothe our mental space. Historically utilized for driving evil spirits crazy, banishing them, and influencing the dream space for those with PTSD and night terrors.  Racing thoughts, headaches, memory issues, and anxious mental loops are eased by the traditional folk uses of Wood Betony.  Mental health support is incredibly important during a time of intense emotional turmoil, and energetically this herb is a must in any blend that requires a still mind.  In order to properly direct our anger + grief into actionable steps for change, we need a still mind.


Hawthorn- Known member of the Rose family to support and heal the heart.  Hawthorn Berries are overwhelmingly used to support the cardiovascular system, and by extension are supportive of our emotional heartspace and well being.  Especially good support for grief and heartache.  


Yarrow- The time honored and much fabled herb of Achilles, (Chiron instructed his mother to protect him by dipping him in the River Yarrow) Yarrow has been used by herbalists for centuries to heal wounds and by extension energetically weave our hearts back into alignment.  It has one of the most widely used applications for wound healing as its astringent and antimicrobial properties are excellent for most applications.

Stage 3- Optimism, energetic brightening, and prosperity beyond:

Rose, Orange Peel, Cedar Leaf, Peppermint

These are added in very small quantities for an energetic resolution and an optimistic view for a brighter tomorrow.  Rose and Orange are both highly associated with prosperity and joy, while both Cedar and Peppermint invigorate the spirit and freshen the air.  Take a deep breath, and another. And another.

I cannot emphasize enough how much joy and optimism/hope are imperative for the coming years amongst the grieving process.  


Fragrance Profile:

I try to mirror herbal ingredients alongside their fragrance profile to maintain alchemical integrity within my blends.  This adds depth and support to the herbal energetics, and creates a natural fragrance profile that begins to form a memory bond with your subconscious whenever you use it.  Scents are tied most closely to our memories, and as such those fragrances can unlock psychological states we can customize if used mindfully.  This is why creating a wholistic experience including fragrance is so important to my work.


Fragrance is a fascinating mechanism used for millennia to shift the perception of oneself and the surrounding environment.  Often used to elevate a space’s energy for offerings, cleanse, or to arouse interest and focus, fragrances are a neurological and spiritual mechanism of time travel I find most exciting to work with. 


Eucalyptus is a main ingredient in the fragrance essential oil I add to this blend. Known as one of the most anxiety quelling fragrances, Eucalyptus is incredible for clearing the lungs for breath and calming an overactive nervous system.  Adding, of course, appropriate levels of the available essential oils of the ingredients (mandarin, Rose, Cedar, Juniper) serve as a type of alchemical reclamation of the herbal energies.  This fragrance is unique to this blend, and serves as an aromatic footprint of the esoteric actions inside.  On the skin, it blooms from a fresh, minty scent into a deeper, rich citrus note with a comforting base of woodiness that I find surprising, comforting and delightful.


The phytochemical profile of this blend together with the energetics and alchemical symbolism create a lasting testament to the human heart.


Our resilience is going to be tested time and again in the coming years, and I hope that those who utilize this blend will be better for it.


Elastic Heart is currently available in a Balm Wand formula, and will soon be introduced as a Body Butter and Oil pen.  After Beta testing the Body Butter, I have to say it is one of my finest creations to date.  

Use whenever you feel overwhelmed by emotion, anguish, panic or grief.  Apply to chest, temples, and feet as necessary.  During long term trying times, apply after showering while skin is still damp.  


For the Darksome Craft Virtual Market- 12/1-3- 50% of all Elastic Heart sales will go to Amnesty International

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